Leopard Gecko

(Eublepharis macularius)

Leopard Gecko eating cricket

Young Leopard Gecko

Origin: Deserts of southern central Aisa, Pakistan, Northwestern India, Parts of Iran

Lifespan: 20+ years in proper conditions

Diet: Crickets and cockroaches as staple diet (dusted with Calcium+D3 and Mineral supplement), Mealworms, sometimes small pinkie mice to adult Leopard Geckos

Size: Males: 8-11 inches Females: 7-8

Habitat: Terrestrial, Deserts of southern central Aisa, Pakistan, northwestern India, and parts of Iran

Temperature: Between 77°F – 89°F (25°C – 32°C), Room temp. at night

Humidity: Between 40-60 humidity on a hygrometer, provide a moist hide with higher humidity for the gecko to go to for shedding etc…

Housing: Wide terrarium with plenty of floor space. 20 Long tanks work well. Nicer options are available from Exo-Terra. Check Exo-Terra for a full list of appropriate sizes.

Active at: Nocturnal, Most active during the night